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A Note from Pastor Rafe

The Shepherd's Vigil

Over the last few weeks many of you have been asking questions about our Mission Building program. We have begun a fund raising campaign process and do not worry, you will have an opportunity to give. We also have a concept of what God is calling us to do as far as building and property development. Our project is relatively small but it seems to cost so much. How can that be?

Well there are a lot of costs that you will never see in the brick and mortar rising up from the ground. There are city and county fees, permits, plans, blueprints and underground infrastructure that have to be done. So much of the work will never be seen but is essential to the project.

That is the way of faith. So much of the work of faith is never seen. Faith is built in the quiet prayers with friends, studies in small groups, mission work you do on your own and the many other ways we express the love of Christ. The Holy Spirit's work in our hearts is relatively unseen but essential.

All of the great mission and ministries we do as a church are done by the numerous servants working behind the scenes. How does a golf tournament raise thousands for the Florida United Methodist Children's Home? How does the food get on the shelves at the Hallandale Food Pantry at a Haitian Mission? How does a "pack a Sack" get to a child each Friday? How does worship happen each week?

Lots of servants who are never seen!

Thank you to all of us who serve our Lord and Savior every day. I pray that the unseen things bring glory to God.

See you Sunday,

Pastor Rafe​

Holy Land Trip Journey Through the Bible Tour - January 2018 Brochures Available

Pastor Rafe has organized a Journey Through the Bible Tour January, 15, 2018. This Educational Opportunities Tour will bring the Bible to life as you visit many of the sites mentioned in the Gospels along with other sites of the Bible. Bethlehem, Jericho, the Sea of Galilee, Nazareth, and Jerusalem are just some of the places where your faith will be enriched by exploring the Biblical sites. Pick up a brochure in the lobby or contact the church office for details.

Saturday Morning House of Prayer​ - Open Prayer in the Sanctuary, 9-9:30 am, Prayer Service 9:30​ am

All are invited to come into the Sanctuary for a time of prayer. At 9:00 am quiet, individual prayer. At 9:30 am Pastor Barb will bring a focusing scripture, reflection, and music provided by Michael. We will then continue with anointing prayers for ​healing as the Spirit leads us.

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