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A Note from Pastor Rafe

The Shepherd's Vigil

We are built/created by God for community. We are healthiest in mind, body and spirit when we are in good healthy relationships with others. We crave friendships; we need friendships. Yet we live in such a busy world that it is hard to build and have time for these relationships.

This Sunday our worship will focus around how we do our relationships, especially as followers of Christ. Jesus has some very specific instructions for us in this matter. In fact Jesus surrounded himself with friends and exemplified the power of good relationships for us. This week we will look at Jesus' teachings on relationships contained in the Sermon of the Mount in the Gospel of Matthew.

In fact we will use the Sermon on the Mount for the next few weeks. So of course I am going to suggest the homework of reading these chapters. The Sermon on the Mount is found in Matthew chapters 5, 6, & 7. These are the core teachings of Jesus that raise the value of Christianity. In these verses Jesus raised the standard for faith, to follow Christ is a high calling of excellence.

You want to understand how to make your relationship better, deeper and stronger? Join in the community worship this Sunday. We all need the community of the church it is how God made us.

See you Sunday,

Pastor Rafe​

Holy Land Trip Journey Through the Bible Tour - January 2018 Brochures Available

Pastor Rafe has organized a Journey Through the Bible Tour January, 15, 2018. This Educational Opportunities Tour will bring the Bible to life as you visit many of the sites mentioned in the Gospels along with other sites of the Bible. Bethlehem, Jericho, the Sea of Galilee, Nazareth, and Jerusalem are just some of the places where your faith will be enriched by exploring the Biblical sites. Pick up a brochure in the lobby or contact the church office for details.

Saturday Morning House of Prayer​ - Open Prayer in the Sanctuary, 9-9:30 am, Prayer Service 9:30​ am

All are invited to come into the Sanctuary for a time of prayer. At 9:00 am quiet, individual prayer. At 9:30 am Pastor Barb will bring a focusing scripture, reflection, and music provided by Michael. We will then continue with anointing prayers for ​healing as the Spirit leads us.

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