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A Note from Pastor Rafe

The Shepherd's Vigil

Change your hearts and lives! Here comes the Kingdom of Heaven!
Matthew 3:2

Well there is an easy verse to memorize. Change everything, here comes Jesus. These are the words of a prophet, John the Baptist.

The thing is we like Jesus but we do not like change. We will fight change even when we know that it is good for us. Couldn't Jesus just come and love us, forgive us, and not make us change anything? That would be so much more convenient.

I guess we would prefer for Jesus just to come be part of "our Kingdom" rather than invite us to follow him into His Kingdom. The prophets always cry out for us to change, turn, and repent. Prophets are interpreters of our present situation and can see where it is taking us. Thus the cry to "change our lives" because where we are headed is destruction.

Christmas is a time when we cry Jesus is coming, "here comes the Kingdom"! Christmas is also a time filled with distractions. Pay attention to the prophet's cry. Pause this season and meditate on where you are in your relationship with God and where the relationship is headed if nothing changes. This is a holy time, a spiritual time; this is a time to listen to the voice of John the Baptist crying out.

Change your hearts and lives! Here comes the Kingdom of Heaven!


Pastor Rafe​

Have You Chosen Your Angel from our Angel Tree?

We have 143 children form the Haitian UM Haitian Mission that we are blessing with a gift for Christmas. Angels are available in the Sanctuary. Gifts should be valued around $25.We ask that you choose your Angel and return the unwrapped gift in a gift bag with the Angel taped securely to it by Sunday, December 11th. Please include batteries if needed.

9:45 am One Service Sunday Worship

December 18 Christmas Cantata - A Night of Alleuias
December 25 Christmas Day Worship Service
January 1st New Year's Day Communion Service
* No Children's Sunday School or Nursery
All children are welcome to our special worship services.

Christmas Eve Services

4:00 pm Interactive Family Service
All families are encouraged to bring their children
to this wonderful telling of the birth of baby Jesus
5:30 pm Candlelight Communion Service
7:30 pm Candlelight Communion Service

Saturday Morning House of Prayer​ - Open Prayer in the Sanctuary, 9-9:30 am, Prayer Service 9:30​ am

All are invited to come into the Sanctuary for a time of prayer. At 9:00 am quiet, individual prayer. At 9:30 am Pastor Barb will bring a focusing scripture, reflection, and music provided by Michael. We will then continue with anointing prayers for ​healing as the Spirit leads us.

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