4/24/2024 A Note From Pastor Jacqui

Dear New Horizon family,

I pray that today this letter finds you well. I’ve been thinking about New Horizon‘s name and thinking about the vision that it would’ve taken to ensure that we are always a people of new beginnings.

To watch the Sun come up over the horizon, to watch it setting on the opposite side is really an amazing gift from God. We worship a Creator who renews us every morning and settles our lives every evening. I pray today that as you go about the business of your day you would experience the presence of God‘s Holy Spirit, that you would know new beginnings and the settling of things that have passed.

I’d love to draw your attention today to the General Conference that is meeting in Charlotte as the United Methodist Church gathers. We have an incredible denomination, we are part of people who have come together from all over the World to try and imagine what it would be like to love more deeply, to accept profoundly and to imagine a World transformed by the disciples of Jesus Christ. Please would you remember the General Conference in your prayers and find the link to the event. Technology has literally transformed us and gives us access to this historic journey. May God bless you today.

Much love, Jacqui.