The Shepherd’s Vigil, 12/1/21

Make your ways known to me, Lord; teach me your path.                 Psalm 25:4

How many times have we cried out this prayer?  Life is full of moments that are confusing and mysterious.  In the gospel of John, the disciples, who have been with Jesus, still respond with “Lord show us the way”.  All too often we do not know the next step to take; the way forward is an unknown mystery.  So, we cry out for help.

The psalmist certainly understands the cries of a human heart and puts our prayers to ancient poetry.  Over and over in the psalms we read the prayer for clarity and understanding and with divine insight we can find our way.  Thus, with the psalmist we cry out to see the way forward, to know with certainty what is the right path for us to take.  Yet we are left in confusion often.

That is when faith becomes a reality.  Faith is the action taken when we do not know for certain, but we trust in God’s presence and promise.  The leap of faith is often just a small step into the mystery.  Faith is assurance when we do not know with certainty. (Hebrews 11:1)

“Make your ways known to me” may be the most repeated prayer in our lives.  That along with “help me Lord”.  We pray this with pleading cries and many tears.  “Teach me your path” “help me to understand” “what do I do next”.  I say keep praying this prayer.  Pray it with sincerity and deep emotion.  Lean on God and find the hope you need.

Keep calling out and always Jesus will be there.


 Pastor Rafe