The Shepherd’s Vigil, 2/2/21

“This is the new covenant”     Jesus

 These words of Jesus are part of our liturgy for Holy communion.  This Sunday we will celebrate communion in one worship service, all of us united.  We are a very diverse church and have been scattered over the last couple of years.  We may feel somewhat connected through online worship or Bible studies or service work but still not sense the full blessing of engagement in the Body of Christ.

I believe this year, rather now, is a good time to renew our covenant.  We need covenant community.  When we gather around the communion table the power of God’s spirit unites us.  I hope we all can come together in person or live stream at 10:00am this Sunday.

We live out our covenant with PEGS.  We Pray for each other.  We Engage intentionally because it is easy these days to be a faith “spectator” with online tech.  You can watch worship, or you can engage in worship with others and live out your faith.  We Give to support the faith community. Together we Serve because each of us has a gift to share.

We are truly blessed to be a community of faith.  New Horizon is a strong healthy church, even with all that we have faced recently.  Covenant is established at the communion table.  Thus, we rally around the communion table to receive the grace and love of Christ that saves us.  Then in this new covenant we can rise up from the table and move toward the work of the Church.

After all that has scattered us and caused anxiety now is the time to rebuild the church or “Re-Form” the church.  On the strong foundation we now go to the work of forming again the new New Horizon.

Sunday will be a great day, but only the beginning of what is to come in 2022.


Pastor Rafe