The Shepherd’s Vigil, 11/24/21

Don’t fear, rejoice and be glad, the Lord is about to do great things!           Joel 2:21

The future is always a mystery, and our natural response is fear and anxiety.  Particularly in our current context as we emerge from the pandemic.  We hear and experience insecurities in our economics, labor issues, supply chain.  We are not used to this in US America because we always just get what we want, when we want, but now the world is different.

Many times in our personal lives things are scary or unclear and we are filled with anxiety.  We don’t like that feeling; we want to take care of things and have some security.  That is why the insurance business is so big; it offers a safety net.  This is also true in the church.  Things look and feel so different than the way they were 2 years ago and that produces fear. 

However, if we believe and trust in a good and generous God then at the scariest times that is exactly when God is about to act.  Actually, God is constantly active in our lives and in our world.  We just need to trade our fear for joy and trust, and we will see what God is doing.  No fear, God is about to do a great thing!

Don’t fear is one of the most repeated phrases in scripture.  I think it is because God knows us so well.  When we face each obstacle with rejoicing, we may more clearly experience the activity of God.

What is causing you the most fear or anxiety in your life right now?  You can spend time worrying about it or spend time thanking God for the opportunity.  When the focus in on God we can see the great things the Lord is about to do in and through us.

Grace and Peace to you,

Pastor Rafe