The Shepherd’s Vigil, 11/10/21

“The spirit of the Lord rushed on him…..”                Judges 14:6

 The other day, in a staff meeting, we got to talking about the story of Samson.  I think we were discussing the myth that I use to have hair.  As I reviewed this story of one the Old Testament heroes I was taken by the repeated phrase “the spirit of the Lord rushed on him…” and then Samson would take action.  The phrase occurs often and always preceded a bold and courageous action for the Lord.

There are a few grand stories of Samson’s strength.  What is clear is that the power was not from him but from God working through him.  He was devoted to God, symbolized by his long hair and Nazirite vows.  However, his strength, his gift, was from God and to be used for Holy purposes.

We each have gifts from God, and they are part of the blessings that make us strong.  These gifts are meant to be used for God’s purposes.  When we align ourselves with what God is already doing, we can feel the power of the Holy Spirit and act with confidence and courage.

Have you ever felt the spirit of the Lord rush on you?  This is a power, and a gift God wants each of us to know.  When the spirit of God rushes on you, the only thing to do is act courageously on God’s behalf.  I believe that when we experience the presence of God in this way, we can do nothing else but love.  Love is the action God has equipped and empowered us to do.  Yes, love is a doing, and action.

I pray you experience the spirit of the Lord rushing on you so that you can courageously expand your activity of Love.


Pastor Rafe