The Shepherd’s Vigil, 10/20/21

“Now therefore revere the Lord, and serve him in sincerity and in faithfulness”     Joshua 24:14

For some reason I have always been drawn to the book of Joshua.  It is a story of a people who are blessed after generations of struggle and roaming the desert.  The issue facing them is how they will now respond to God’s faithfulness and fulfilled promise.  How do you respond when you receive gifts and grace?

After this past weekend please allow me to respond with a big thank you.  The gifts and cards as part of the pastor appreciation Sunday were lovely and I was very touched. Thank you.  The generosity and grace of the New Horizon community is overwhelming and demonstrates a deep sense of working together for Kingdom purposes.

We all respond to God’s love with reverence and service, me included.  I feel very supported and encouraged for this work by all of you who call New Horizon your church home.  Serving is difficult at times and at times very rewarding.  I feel encouraged by each of you and this community of faith.  Thank you for that sense of support and love.

I look forward to serving with you in the days ahead.  Thank you for your faithfulness.  Thank you for your gifts, prayers and serving.  Thank you for your love and prayers.  Thank you. Thank you.

Feeling blessed,

Pastor Rafe