The Shepherd’s Vigil, 01/12/22

“Live in love, as Christ loved us…” Ephesians 5:2

What does that mean to “live in love”?  This chapter in Ephesians goes on to talk about the deep love of family and covenant relationships.  It talks about a love that is sacrificial and focused on the other person.  It talks about a love that is self-less and the other more and built up.

I think a good question to help us reflect on what it is to “live in love” is: Am I making the other person in the relationship better? Is this relationship making me better?  A sacrificial and giving love is not about being a doormat for the other person to use up but about giving of ourselves to the other, to build them up and make them better.  The activity of love should build the character of the one we are loving.

Chapter 5 of this letter to Ephesus goes on to talk about sacrificial love, making the other “holy” and clean.  In other words, doing what Christ would do for them.  Love like Christ!  I encourage you to read and reflect on Ephesians 5.

As we get into 2022, we are working on our new year resolutions.  Usually, they are about things we want to do for ourselves like diet, exercise, a project, or a life goal.  Maybe we could focus some work on others and love them like Christ loves us.  “Live in love”, how is your love living?

In Christ’s Love,

 Pastor Rafe