As servants of Christ, New Horizon seeks to have a missionary presence locally and internationally.

Here are some of the missions we support:

Heaven’s Gate UMC & Roca UMC – Our Sister Cuban Churches 
We have had a longtime relationship with our sister churches in Cuba. We have been blessed to extend our financial support to them and have gratefully received and given spiritual support to each other as we follow the command to love one another.

Red Bird Mission
Red Bird Mission is a Methodist Mission founded in 1921 in the southeastern corner of Kentucky to provide education, health and spiritual outreach to residents of the area.  We support them financially and with our prayers.  Each year we also celebrate Christmas in July collecting mittens, gloves, hats and scarves to send before the cold weather begins. Visit the Red Bird Mission website.

Heifer Project
Heifer Project has always been a fun mission to support from teaching the kids how to “buy a flock of chicks” to building an ark. Everyone deserves a life without hunger and poverty. Our donations help to create lasting change of individuals and communities.  Visit the Heifer Project website.