Glory Tharp

Lay Minister


Is one of the founding charter members of New Horizon and has honored the Lord by serving in many different ways throughout the years. She feels that, “ to be an effective leader, you must first be a servant”. Her work began in teaching children’s Sunday school, working with youth, and singing in the choir. Glory has always had a passion for teaching as well as spiritual caregiving. Over seven years ago she answered an alter call for being trained as a spiritual care volunteer at Memorial West Hospital under the direction of the hospital Chaplin. During this time she continued to pursue several certifications in leadership including lay servant, lay leader, lay speaker and finally lay Minister.

Also in those years Glory began rotating with other pastors in preaching at our satellite location at Century Village.

When COVID hit she began offering church wide communion distribution to home bound members as a congregational caregiver.

Currently Glory serves as a delegate for conference, a Certified lay Minister who teaches adult bible studies and small groups, performs weddings and funerals as well as healing anointing and prayer at our nourishing lives drive through feeding program. She is a delegate to conference and hopes to soon be offering lay certifications in the west Broward area. Her dream is “to help others realize their spiritual gifts, to offer tools that strengthen their abilities, so that we continue to build disciples who walk in the way that leads to eternal life”.


“ I praise God for the many strong members of laity and clergy who have mentored me in my journey and I wish to pay it forward as I serve”.