FLUMC Disaster Recovery Ministry

Need Volunteers in Southwest Florida

There is BIG need for volunteer help in Southwest Florida. There are a couple of homes in that area that the FLUMC Disaster Recovery was working on that are close to being complete.  Both homes are unfortunately losing their FEMA trailers at the end of the month so that the trailers can be repositioned in North Florida. Both homes are at a point where they need primarily taping, mudding, and sanding of drywall, texture application to the drywall, painting, and trim installed and painted. Any help from volunteers or Early Response Teams (ERTs) would be appreciated. The size of the group could be anything from single volunteers to groups of two or three volunteers, or larger groups. The time could also be for a weekend or for a day – whatever timeframe would work best for the volunteers.  Our primary objective is to get these homes back to a safe, secure, and sanitary environment so that the homeowners can comfortably be back in their homes once they give up their FEMA trailers.

Check the flyer for more information.  If you are interested, please contact Jill Hockin at jhockin@flumc.org.