A Note From Pastor Jacqui 4/5/23

Dear New Horizon Family
As we continue our journey in Holy Week, we mark today as Holy Wednesday. The time we observe Judas plotting to betray Jesus. This day reminds us that Judas is a “spy” among the Disciples. Which is why it’s sometimes called “ Spy Wednesday.” We meet much sadness this week in the betrayal and denial and abandoning of Jesus by his closest friends and disciples.

But we see hope that is present in the gift of unconditional love found in Jesus.

Sometimes we need to wait in the presence of pain to experience the praise of the Resurrection.

I leave you this prayer for today.

Father God, Thank You for this Wednesday. Father, we are all guilty of looking so far ahead into the future that we forget to slow down and be still in Your presence. Lord, help us to not merely try and rush through this Wednesday; rather, help us to linger in You.

Pastor Jacqui