A Note From Pastor Jacqui 12/21/22

Glorio in Excelsis Deo!

Glory in the highest to God! 

My favorite Hymn begins with the words the Angels used when announcing the Birth of Christ to the Shepherds.  This ancient Doxology reflects the heart of Judaic journeys through the Psalms, the deepest expressions of the early Church. Exquisite music by Johann Bach and many others over the ages. A testimony to all generations declaring that this season affirms that for all people Jesus came to bring healing and wholeness. Today is the shortest day and the longest night in the Northern Hemisphere.  A space to pause and honour all in pain, loss, and grief. A moment to be held in the darkest place by one another in deep love because we cannot hold ourselves.

My prayer to you as you wait for the light to burst forth in the Joy that declares a Child is born that this Christmas will bring hope to the places in your life that have lost meaning, joy in your pain and sorrow, peace in turmoil and love in barren places.

New Horizon family your hearts are generous and kind, your love is true, your witness transforms the World. To those that are sick, in hospital and recuperating after surgery and illness – healing love to you. I have seen and been part of this love firsthand, thank you for all you have done. The miracles of life restored through Nourishing Lives, the gift the children from the Learning Center bring such kindness. The magnificent Cantata sung Christ the Child into our hearts was beautiful. This season always promises to change our World through the wonder of grace.

Have a special week, my heart is full. No more sleeps, my children are here (Rebekah and her husband are flying as we speak and arrive tonight, and Dan is so much better from the flu) and we are home!

May you all be blessed and filled with “Glory from our God”. A light that brings hope and healing.

Love Jacqui