A Note From Pastor Jacqui, 10/26/22

Dear New Horizon Family,

On Tuesday when I was in the Church Office, I chatted with Sara,  and I commented on her beautiful pumpkin pin. She explained to me that it was a special pin that “Pumpkin Charlie” had made for her. A few minutes later she handed me her precious pumpkin pin, insisting I keep it as a gift because she had another one. My heart was filled with such overwhelming love, and I wanted to share again how precious random acts of love and kindness change our days. Thank you New Horizon family for being a loving, generous and kind community. The spirit of kindness, generosity, and love is a gift that changes the atmosphere of our lives and keeps reminding us of God’s amazing Grace. 
I look forward to seeing you on Sunday for the final Stewardship Commitment Sunday, marking the beginning of our pledges to the work of God at New Horizon for the coming year. During our times of Worship we will receive the Pledge card as an act of Worship, for the next three Sundays culminating in the First Fruits Service on the 13 November.   
This has been a very special month, filled with kindness and hope and lots of fun! Our Pumpkin Patch traditions, Trunk or Treat and Fall Festival as well as honoring the deep commitment to serving in the Volunteer signups at our Ministry Exhibition show that together as the Church sharing our time, talents and treasure the people of Christ become a beacon of Hope.
Have a blessed week, looking forward to seeing you this weekend.