3/6/2024 A Note From Pastor Jacqui

Dear Friends,
Living the Resurrection during Lent is an invitation to search for a deepening faith. Thomas invites us to dialogue with our doubts as a motivation to stay curious and learn more about our faith. He courageously struggles with his questions, and his friends, the disciples, allow him to work through his challenges. Finally, Jesus answers his doubts profoundly!For us as a Christian Community, this encounter highlights how healing a community is when people are accepted even when they struggle with what it means to believe what we hold as true. Thomas’s doubt opened up a new experience for his faith, so radical he traveled to India to spread the Gospel of Jesus. As we continue to love the tensions of life, we pray that our faith will grow from our doubts and our lives become places of healing for others.
Blessings of God’s mercy this week, love Jacqui