2/7/2024 A Note From Pastor Jacqui

Dear New Horizon Family,

I trust and pray today you are well. 

It’s almost Lent! In a week’s  time we will have gathered for our Ash Wednesday meeting as we embrace a season of discovering God’s saving grace and transformation anew.I love that our Christian faith is shaped as the “road we walk”! For us as Methodists the Scriptures, Traditions, our Reasoning and our Experience all are factors in shaping and reshaping our lives of faithLent is an incredible opportunity for us to look at the Spirit and Form of our Faith. May your Lent be a deeply fulfilling journey. Please don’t forget to order Bishop Tom Berlin’s book for our Church wide study, Third Day. If you would prefer contact Ann at the office and we will order you one.
As for the actions of our community. We had a fantastic NOW Council meeting and once we have finished with the record of the meeting we will send it to the whole congregation.  The whole congregation will be invited to a congregational meeting as we look at the finances of 2023 and the proposed budget.  Please look out for those dates next week. Please pray for the Youth as we prepare for the Confirmation Meeting after the second service on Sunday.Blessings to all in Christs love Jacqui