1/31/2024 A Note From Pastor Jacqui

Dear New Horizon Family,Give us this day our daily bread!
When Jesus teaches us to pray, we are reminded that all we have is TODAY! 

Sometimes, so much of our lives are lived in the past, nostalgia or crippling regrets, or the unknown future. Part of our spiritual practice is to live in the NOW!The containment of what today brings.

I love that in the United Methodist Church, the NOW Council, an acronym for nurture, outreach, and witness, defines the ministry of community and laity, the word we use to define the religious people who are not clergy. I am not wild about distinctions because God calls ALL people. It’s just a term of reference. We are all believers, worshippers, seekers, followers, and servants of Christ, figuring out how to live out our faith NOW!

Blessings Jacqui