The Shepherd’s Vigil, 10/06/21

“Let the Children come”, Mark 10:14

The heart of a child is a central part of Jesus’ message about the Kingdom of God.  This is how the gospel writer of Mark sets up the wonderful teachings of Jesus in chapter 10.  The “heart of a child” is how we come to and receive the gift of the Kingdom.

Our hearts, the core of our being, can become tainted and distracted as we move into adulthood.  Jesus deals with these influences in his teachings but more than that gives us practices forming the character of our hearts.

In mark chapter 10, Jesus speaks about money to deal with our greed and calls us to practice generosity.  Also, Jesus calls us to practice servanthood to deal with our self-centered nature and narcissistic tendencies.  Plus, Jesus teaches about discipleship to deal with everything that can distract us from a focus on God’s Kingdom that is at hand and all around us.

Since this is such a great piece of scripture and teaching, we will focus on Mark 10 for October.  That means of course that I will assign that you read Mark 10 for homework.  Read all of Mark for extra credit!

As you read the scripture pray for God to form your heart.  Pray for God to help you love the things God loves.  Know that the movement of the holy is not some kind of magic and “poof” you love more.  Rather God will offer you commitments and practices for you to choose and do that will form your heart and who you are.  I pray you will take on some of these practices and sense the Holy Spirit moving in your life.


Pastor Rafe