The Shepherd’s Vigil, 3/9/22

God chose you as the first fruits for salvation           1 Thessalonians 2:13

It is always amazing to me that God has chosen me.  Chosen me for salvation, hope, grace and to receive the Holy Spirit.  Why in the world would God be so generous to me?  God has chosen you for a unique purpose.  God’s love is so pervasive that God will not let you go.  You are chosen.

In these days of so much stress and uncertainty in our lives.  The war in Europe, the inflating economy, and the recovery from two years of COVID, are all creating stress and anxiety for everyone.  Our hope is in the security of God’s love in Jesus Christ and God’s continued presence through the Holy Spirit. 

Amid all this struggle we are chosen to be the church.  This is what Paul is reminding the people of faith in Thessalonica in the passage above.  This is the message for us today.  We are chosen to be the church in this context, at this time.  We see lots of positive ministries happening because of lots of dedicated servants.  We are chosen for this!

I know it is easy to feel overwhelmed but remember you are chosen.  Things in our families or at work or in the church are not going our way; remember God’s got this.  “How do we get through this?” is our cry in prayer so often.    God’s answer – remember you are chosen as the fruit of God’s work in the world.

Of all the ways God could answer our prayer, God chooses you and me.  Wow.  We are chosen for salvation.


Pastor Rafe