The Shepherd’s Vigil, 12/15/21

The baby leaped in her womb; and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit              Luke 1:41

Even before He was born, when Jesus entered the room people got excited.  There is something about the presence of Christ that causes us to move; that causes us to be filled with the Holy Spirit.  This scripture is from the story of Mary, mother of Jesus, going to visit Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist.  Very ordinary event, women who are related to each other sharing their pregnancy journey.  However, something very unordinary is going on, the Holy Spirit is moving.

The joy of the season is all around us these days.  Colorful twinkling lights are everywhere as we drive around town at night.  Stores are crowded and people are shopping for gifts.  There is also a good deal of giving and sharing going on as many are moved to generosity during this season.  Like the baby in the womb, we leap with joy; something wonderful is unfolding.  The spirit of God is moving.

The energy of joy, hope, peace, and love is all around us.  Even if this is a “blue” Christmas for some of us we sense something different.  The Holy Spirit is a gift and is offered to us all.  This is the powerful presence of God that goes with us through this journey of life and empowers us to follow the way of Christ.  Do you sense the power of the spirit? 

The Christ child we wait for is a gift.  That child will grow to give us a lifelong gift of the Holy Spirit.  When filled with the Holy Spirit we are empowered to follow Jesus and fulfill what God has called us to do.  Elizabeth was filled and then fulfilled her role in God’s work.  I pray you also feel the Holy Spirit filling you this season.


Pastor Rafe