The Shepherd’s Vigil, 06/8/22

The only thing I can think of to say in this last weekly devotional for my New Horizon family is thank you.  This past Sunday was a beautiful day with all the celebrations of graduates and confirmation.  The receptions were very nice and I enjoyed peaching with as many of you as I possibly could.  Amy and I felt very blessed and loved.  We spent the afternoon going through all the cards they were all very sweet and filled with love an appreciation, thank you.  All of the gifts were very nice too, thank you thank you thank you.

As I head off to the Annual Conference this week I go representing New Horizon one more time.  I will also have another Children’s Home meeting where I will get to share about our wonderful Golf tournament and Silent Auction (we raised almost $50,000 thank you). I plan to be back to play in this golf event as often as I can.

Then later this month Amy and I will finally get to return to the orphanage in the Dominican Republic and carry our love and gifts to the boys there.  Thank you for supporting this mission over the years.

New Horizon has been very supportive of us and our ministry and we are very appreciative and blessed.  Our love for the faith community of New Horizon will always fill our hearts and bless our lives.  We are better followers of Jesus Christ because of our time with you.  Thank you.

Always praying for New Horizon,

Pastor Rafe