The Shepherd’s Vigil, 06/22/22

Monumental Love. Wow —what a week we are having! VBS is always a favorite time of year. All the children, volunteers, and youth come together each day to celebrate and experience the Love of Jesus. This week our theme is “Monumental”. We are learning together about the “Monumental Love of Jesus”.  Imagine that for a moment—Jesus’ Love for Us is Monumental!

Monumental —Huge—Highly Significant…Remarkable, Magnificent, awesome, enduring, abiding, you get the point.  Jesus’ love for us is always present and never ending. WOW! This week during VBS we are on a Monumental adventure exploring God’s awesomeness in our world and in our lives.  I think we all are on this same adventure each day.  God’s love for us seems to show up in so many ways. Each day is an adventure in exploring how and where we see God’s Monumental Love.

I love how we see God in our world each day. Sometimes, it’s in the simple connection of seeing a friend and connecting in community. Other times,  it may be in how we hear our Lord speak to us through scripture, prayer, or music.  At times, we see God’s monumental presence in our silence and solitude. I do spend many days in awe at how God is at work in our lives. I have learned, seeing God is an active sport.  Just like VBS and the time the kids spend each day identifying how they are seeing God at work, we need time to reflect and pray each day how we see God in our lives. 

Some things to remember this week, I have learned from our journey. 

  1. God loves you, no matter what.  (Psalm 89.2)
  2. God is always with us and in control.  (Joshua 1:9, Psalm 147.5)
  3. God is stronger than anything and is always surprising. (Romans 8:38, Psalm 66.5)

Keep our families, children, volunteers and church in your prayers this week as we continue our “monumental” exploration of just how enormous God’s love is for us. And, I Pray you will have an adventure of your own this week experiencing God’s Monumental Love!

I Love you! 

Pastor Peytyn