The Shepherd’s Vigil, 05/25/22

Every sabbath he was in the synagogue sharing about Jesus             Acts 18:4

This passage is describing the activity of Paul as he works to establish and build the church through bringing people to a relationship with Jesus.  This episode happens in Corinth, but this is his pattern in each city and town through his travels.  He goes to the synagogue on the sabbath, every sabbath.

Every time it is time to worship Paul is there.  If people are gathered for prayer or debates in the public square, Paul is there.  When people are gathered to engage each other and praise the divine Paul is there.  Every time!

Where are you every sabbath?  When and where and how do you attend to Sabbath?  In our world today it is easy to feel disconnected.  Our primary goal in faith is to stay connected to God.  That is the purpose of Sabbath.

One of the big 10 commandments is “remember the sabbath and keep it holy”.  Is there a regular Holy sabbath day for you?  It does not have to be Sunday morning, but it does need to be a constant discipline that we attend to “every time”.

Jesus in his travels attended worship regularly.  A few times in the gospels it says he went to the synagogue on the sabbath “as was his custom”.  In other words, every week Jesus practiced the spiritual discipline of worship.

How are you doing with worship?  Our patterns have changed.  We still need a worshipful connection with God and each other.  God desires that connection with you.

Engage and enjoy the divine presence in worship,

Pastor Rafe