The Shepherd’s Vigil, 05/18/22

“Love is patient”          1 Corinthians 13:4

 This scripture is from the popular love chapter of the Bible.  There are beautiful words of what love is and is not, like love is patient and not selfish.  The chapter ends with faith, hope and love abide these three and the greatest is love.

This is a grand notion of love and sounds difficult.  Patience is hard and if love is patient, then to love is difficult.  Love is not an easy warm feeling that makes everyone happy.  Love is the hard work of patience when dealing with others.

We were very patient as a faith community waiting for our new mission building. Now we will need patience and love as we go through many transitions.  Leadership and ministries are going through changes and that takes a good deal of patience and love.

Thank you for your patience toward me in this time of transition.  I feel and sense your love in so many ways.  This is what love looks like, patient but diligent in the work.  I pray the Lord is growing patience and other love values in you.  Patience is certainly part of the work of love.


Pastor Rafe