The Shepherd’s Vigil, 05/11/22

And you shall be my people, and I will be your God.  Jerimiah 30:22

There is some variation of this scripture throughout the Old Testament.  It is the word of God establishing a covenant with God’s people.  Often because of our rebellious nature it is the words of restoration to the relationship we broke.  All too often we need to be restored.

After the flood God established the covenant with Noah.  The covenant was a constant part of the Abraham story.  Under the leadership of Moses, the covenant was written in stone and became the mark of God’s chosen people.  In each situation God acts to restore the relationship between the human and divine.

This passage from Jerimiah comes at a time when Jerusalem has fallen to the Babylonian empire and the people of Israel taken off into exile.  The words of the covenant are a promise of a continuous relationship, even in exile, and a restoration one day for the nation.

Reforming or rebuilding the church is a form of restoration.  We make big decisions led by the Holy Spirit to form a church that can grow into the future.  After the last couple of years, we need this grace of restoration.  New Horizon is moving through a transition, however the convenant establishes that God is at work with us through this rebuilding.

God’s love is so grand and deep that the constant work of God is the restoration of relationships.  The nature of God is to be in relationship with you.  This work led to the coming of the Son so that our relationship with God would be restored and complete.


                Pastor Rafe