The Shepherd’s Vigil, 01/25/22

Let each of you look not at your own interests but to the interests of others. Phil. 2:4

 This is a passage about being other centered.  All too often when we feel a sense of discomfort all we think about is how can “I feel better”.  It all becomes about us and our need for comfort.  We are living in a time when we certainly feel the discomfort, everyone does.  The everyday struggles of work, home and life are very different and are moving us out of our comfort zone.

All of this makes it very hard to be other centered.  However, if you have been a parent, you understand the concept of being other centered.  As a parent of a child and responsible for their welfare you become very focused on them, ‘other centered”.  Perhaps that is part of the image of God as a parent, “Our Father…..”  God is divinely other centered.  The activity of God throughout the scriptures is about how God acts on the behalf of us; God is focused on us, you, and me.

The journey of following Jesus is to become more and more like him.  God and Jesus are one and always focused on the interests of others.  Jesus set His own interests aside and gave himself for our benefit.  True love is focusing not on your own interests but on the interests of others.

In this season of discomfort how can we focus on others?  Can we look for and pray for what is best for others even if leaves us uncomfortable?  What is best for the church, the community of faith even if that is difficult for me?

Please continue to pray for others and the church.  Blessings,

Pastor Rafe