The Shepherd’s Vigil, 3/9/22

God chose you as the first fruits for salvation           1 Thessalonians 2:13 It is always amazing to me that God has chosen me.  Chosen me for salvation, hope, grace and to receive the Holy Spirit.  Why in the world would God be so generous to me?  God has chosen you for a unique purpose.  God’s love is […]

The Shepherd’s Vigil, 01/19/22

“By grace you have been saved”        Ephesians 2:5 There was a time when I was a teenager that my brother and I got caught in one of those south Florida rainstorms that come out of nowhere.  We were in a sailboat in Biscayne Bay when a strong gust of wind turned us over into the […]

The Shepherd’s Vigil, 11/17/21

Grace and peace to you from the one who is and was and is coming.         Rev. 1:4b “Hey”, “how you doing”, “good to see you”.  These are just a few of the ways we great each other but do they really mean anything?  How would we respond if we greeted an acquaintance with “how […]