"Choose this day whom you will serve... as for me and my house we will serve the Lord"
Joshua 24:15

 At New Horizon we serve.  That is what we do.  As a mission focused church that is at the core of who we are as a community of faith.  I believe this value has aided our response in a very difficult time.  Our ministry goes on and never missed a beat during the pandemic.  

In fact, during the past two years our ministry has grown.  Some work we do pivoted and functioned in new and creative ways, always responding to the need in the community.  Other new opportunities came our way also.  We are launching a digital campus carrying out engaging worship and ministry online.  We have a new west location, our Everglades Campus that is hosting mission work.  Plus, we finally got into our Mission Building and mission is happening in real and exciting ways.

We are certainly deep into carrying out the mission God has given us.  This means we need to be all together to be the church and do this work.  We count on each other to live out our faith and give our time and resources.

I think of the values that hold us together as a community of faith as PEGS.  These are the PEGS we all share and depend on to grow the church as the Body of Christ.

Pray – for each other and listen for God to lead us, individually and as a community

Engage – actively in connecting with each other and our neighbors in worship and ministries.

Give – generously as God has enabled and called us to do.

Serve    – there is a place for everyone to serve and carry out the mission work.

The spiritual glue that holds all this together is the covenant.  A promise or vow to live out our faith together and support the church with our PEGS.  These values are what we expect of each other and what we vow to share together.  The covenant has always been a core part of our divine/human relationship.  God has been and continues to be faithful.

The scripture above references the story of God fulfilling the promise to deliver the Hebrew people to the promised land.  They are there, they are settled,  they are blessed.  Now comes their time to respond to the covenant.  Choose who will you serve?  Will you do your part in the covenant?  God has been true!

This is our opportunity to respond in faith and share your vow with the whole community of faith.  This is an opportunity to grow and take a faithful step of discipleship as we enter into covenant together.  Your response is valuable to your journey of faith and is valuable to the community we call New Horizon.

Please prayerfully respond.  Here are some options:

a.  Download the Giving Covenant Card, print it, fill it out and turn it in during worship or at the church office.

b.  Click on the Giving Covenant Online form button, fill it out and click Submit.

Here is an income chart that you could use as a guide.


Pastor Rafe