Pre-Mother’s Day Event: Volunteers Needed

Hi everyone,

It’s me, Michael. I pray all is well with you and your family.  I hope everyone is doing fine, especially after the recent flooding that hit east Broward County. If anyone is in need of assistance, please remember your church family is here to support you.

We have another exciting event coming up in May. I am in need of your help again in whatever way you can. I am asking for volunteers to assist for this upcoming event that we would like to be successful. The help you provided the last time we did a similar activity, was key in the success that was achieved. Your contributions made what could have been a tedious task fun. It was a privilege as well as a pleasure working with each of you. 

Please use the link to access the signup genius form to volunteer. I look forward to your continued support for this event.
Yours in Christ, Michael Brim