Carolyn Pannier



Carolyn Pannier is the bookkeeper at New Horizon.  She started employment in 2011 and has been active member of the church since 2002.  Previously she was a financial compliance administrator in Kansas City and a paralegal in Fort Lauderdale.  She enjoys supporting the many ministries and outreach initiatives of New Horizon.  She is married to Paul Pannier who also is involved in the life of the church, and they have two grown and married kids, Christopher and Katie.

Carolyn administers the church’s finances with help from the staff, accounts for its obligations and gifts, including processing donations and commitments for New Horizon’s ministries and world outreach, and produces financial reports for review by the finance committee.  She embraces South Florida’s cultural diversity and enjoys using her Spanish language skills when needed.

Participating in and supporting missions that are child and family-focused is a priority for Carolyn.   She serves on the board of Nourishing Lives, Inc., volunteers with fundraisers such as the pumpkin patch, participates in Methodist mission trips for disaster recovery, and co-chairs the church’s Golf Committee in support of the Florida United Methodist Children’s Home.  Carolyn has seen the church evolve and adapt over the years, knowing that change is constant.  Participating in the life of the church as bookkeeper and congregant keeps Carolyn engaged and active as we endeavor to love and serve God and our greater community.