A Note From Pastor Jacqui 11/30/22

Dear New Horizon Family,

I love Christmas and especially enjoy Advent. The cadence of preparing for Christ to be re-born into our lives is a phenomenal miracle that invites us to allow the light of Christ to pierce our hearts and most especially our own darkness. Pausing at how Hope, Peace, Joy and Love are reinterpreted and discovered is a gift of this season. On Sunday we were invited to look beyond ‘the evidence’ for a living miracle and declare that Hope is always the place of our Christian journey. The Cradle and the Cross hold a Hope that defies the evidence that unmarried vulnerable disregarded women and an object of execution will be the final declaration of our faith. We worship a God of impossible miracles. And on that we depend. My prayer for you is that this Advent you experience a miracle in the ordinary celebrations of Jesus Christ in your lives.
Looking forward to celebrating Communion and baptism on Sunday, as we usher in the gift of Peace.
Blessings Jacqui