A Note From Pastor Jacqui, 09/7/22

Hi New Horizon Family,

Since I arrived at New Horizon, people have offered several wonderful moments of advice and all sorts of exciting details.

The one thing people have said consistently is YOU JUST WAIT…..  FOOTBALL season is coming!

The excitement is tangible. It’s finally here, and I have no idea which team to support because I must say this is when the advice gets a bit murky and confusing, apart from College and NFL Season hope that’s right I’m new here so I need help. What are the criteria for choosing YOUR Team?

I have been thinking about what makes the team the ONE we support. Is it family, tradition, college, a great player or just that deep-down gut choice? It amazes me how passionate we are about sport, it touches a deep nerve and brings us together and apart from the rivalry and entertainment and BIG BUSINESS, IT CONNECTS US TO SOMETHING MORE THAN OUR OWN WORLD.

It is wonderful to marvel at disciplined champions like Serena Williams WHO showed the World in the last couple of weeks her Greatness.

Help Me on this one! Whom should I support this Football Season?

While we chat about sport, today we are reminded to run the race God has set for us. It’s a language we understand, it demands choices and discipline much like our road to being a transformed discipleship of Jesus. Its goal is to shape us into transformed people who bring healing to the World we live in. We are all called to live life to the fullest and leave this world a better place. I hope you have a blessed week, enjoy life, sport and family!

Please join us on Sunday for our Healing Service. It will be a blessing to be together.

 In Christ Jacqui