8/30/2023 A Note From Pastor Jacqui

Dear New Horizon Family,

Beloved community: a community in which everyone is cared for, absent of poverty, hunger, and hate. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

The call to be a “beloved community” is an ideal embodied in our Faith Community.

As we pray for our friends in the pathway of Hurricane Idalia, as we remember our communities mourning the loss of innocent lives in our State when shopping for food.

Join me as we pray the pray our Bishop Berlin called us to pray-….

 As we devote each day to your Son,

our Savior, Jesus Christ,
we pray that his Lordship would lead us
to move beyond acceptance
to the work of transformation,
so that all would know the goodness
of life that is free from fear and death.
Help us to love our neighbor
in ways that bring your kingdom
to earth
as it is in heaven.

Let us gather together on Sunday for Communion, remembering we are God’s New Creation in Christ!

With love and prayers Jacqui