A Note From Pastor Jacqui 5/10/23

Dear New Horizon family,

Mom’s, Music, and Food! A time to celebrate this week.
We look forward to seeing you at our Food and Music Festival on
Saturday. Our best memories often happen around food, family and
music; please join us for a fun time of fellowship on Saturday and for
Worship on Sunday as we celebrate the gift of mothering.

Next Sunday, we have the enormous privilege of celebrating young
people’s Confirmation.
The Church is a multigenerational multicultural place where we get to
grow our faith and fellowship with each other entrusted by God to be
the visible presence of Christ to the World.
This week I encourage you to remember your first encounter with God’s
grace in the life of the Church. What impact did that have on you?
Perhaps you can take stock of your own impact on others in the life of
faith; how have you touched others with the love of Christ?
We are all called disciples of Christ; sometimes, it’s good to remember
what that means.
Blessings and love to you all, friends