A Note From Pastor Jacqui 4/19/23

Dear New Horizon Family
This week is ‘Testimony Sunday’ as we read together the conversation with Jesus and those on the road to Emmaus. We listen in on a discussion where Jesus listens to these two people sharing the story of how they feel and process what happened in Jerusalem. I love the fact that they travelled together and then turned to friendship to figure out their crises.  The church can be a beautiful place to find friendships, mutual trust, support, and honesty and a place to cross
boundaries and differences.

While upholding the power of friendship, I am also deeply aware of divisions within churches. This week I wanted to invite you to pray for the United Methodist Church as we prepare for the Disaffiliation process. The Discipleship Ministries have a lament service this evening,(details below), which opens up the journey of lamenting the division we find ourselves in.  As we traverse the next season as a Denomination, let us remember Jesus’ prayer in John 17, that the
Church would be one; this priestly prayer is a call to glorify God in all we do.

In Christs love Jacqui