A Note From Pastor Jacqui 2/8/23

Dear New Horizon Family,
I was in a talk with a friend of mine Pastor Paul Chilcote and we were looking at one of the questions we get asked every week in some form or another as a pastor is, ‘What does it mean to live the Christian life faithfully and well?’ and ‘How can we help one another do so.?’ Practice! Yip that was the conclusion, good practices and that sounds simple right but what does it mean? Good life practices, in business, human relations, and leadership are at the core of so many books and seminars about practices that make us ‘highly effective’ in all these aspects of life. Globally there is a resurgence and a focus on Christian Practices.  Craig Dykstra defines Christian practices as patterns of communal action that create openings in our lives where the grace, mercy and presence of God may be made known to us. As we prepare for our Lent journey which begins in two weeks’ time I invite you to consider what Christian Practice you will DO during this time. There is fasting, prayer, silence, a special study, take part in our weekly Imago Dei practice or daily readings. It is an incredibly special time because for 40 days (according to tradition Sundays don’t count as days of prescribed fasting or abstinence) we get to introduce Christian Practice into our lives!

It’s a joy for me to discover in the Month of February we have Black History Month and we have included ways that we celebrate Black History Month in true New Horizon style we will conclude this time with a celebratory Sunday Breakfast, bacon, sausage, eggs, grits and all on the last Sunday of the month.