A Note From Pastor Jacqui 12/14/22

Dear New Horizon Family

As we approach the Fourth Advent Sunday and light the Candle of Peace, the” Angel” Candle. We walk together in hope that rests in Christ, in peace that comes to Earth through Christ with us, in love that surrounds us and in joy that turns the wilderness back to life. I leave you with this prayer as we anticipate the Birth of our Savior.

It’s time to dream again. Not because we think we are or can make the dream, God’s dream, happen. But because we know we can’t. We’re like Joseph, stuck with situations in our lives and the life of the world God loves that promise us and those we love nothing but pain. We long for solutions that will reduce everyone’s pain, and our own. We may even decide we have found some and try to ask God to bless us as we pursue it. But if we’re honest, we know even our best solutions fall short, far short.  So we pray, not telling God what to do, but trusting God to show us what we can do.
We pray, not to control the world, or any outcome, but, as Joseph did, to open ourselves, to let go, to release  ourselves and the world God loves into God’s loving hands, to let the dreams come, and follow where God leads.
So let us open up our hearts, let’s open up our hearts to our Lord, as we pray…