A Note From Pastor Jacqui, 11/16/22

Dear New Horizon Family,
As I write to you, my car is packed (not as good as it could be Karen, but it’s not too bad). As it got later, many loose items “just in case” a/k/a red boots found their way into the trunk

I have had lots to ponder in the packing, and my soul finds a deeper rest tonight. Knowing that when I return next week after Thanksgiving, it’s to a community of friends and no longer strangers.

I was a stranger only five months earlier and already we have laughed and cried together. Becoming part of this Church family is a gift to me. I am deeply grateful for the grace and kindness shown to me over the past months. Your generosity and care have been overwhelming with a love that has been Christ to me. Thank you.

This season of gratitude is so good for the Soul ,and my prayers are as you celebrate and honor this time, you and your family would be engulfed in the reassuring love of God.

Our charge conference concluded the work of the District last night, and early in December we will share the names of those who will take new positions as well as the many who have put their names down to serve the Church in the next season.

We are always better together; love and peace to you.

Travel safely if you are on the road, and let’s be blessings to one another, I leave here with a full heart — the joys of the First Pumpkin Patch, the glorious First Fruits Celebration, the never-ending generosity in mission that Nourishing Lives daily gives, and the spectacular gifts of so many a tireless commitment to the life of this Church Community is a magnificent gift.

I am grateful for the family of New Horizon.

Bless you with love, Jacqui