A Note From Pastor Jacqui, 09/21/22

Hi New Horizon Family,
This week, I am so delighted to share with you that my dear friend Helen has flown all the way from South Africa to be with me, to meet the Church family I am a part of, and to simply be my friend.  I have been overtaken with such a generous gift of care and the enormous privilege of presence. Reflecting on Scripture, Jesus calls himself Immanuel – God with us!  The power of presence that Jesus is ‘incarnational’ and an embodied witness to our lives. This is a transforming gift of the Gospel and in turn, we are called to be present in one another’s lives. This means we are to be together in the nitty gritty good and difficult times of life with each other. So I challenge you, which friend or family member do you need to especially be present with this week , to show love, forgiveness and some special care? On Sunday I will be preaching about the chasms that come into our lives, you will remember the story of Lazarus, a poor man who literally begged outside a rich man’s home, and when they both died their experiences were very different showing us how we live on earth really matters. I look forward to seeing you on Sunday as we get ready for the final stretch to October – Dynamite Breakthrough Prayer, Pumpkins and Stewardship. 
PS Don’t forget to order your books Dynamite Prayer online or with Ann.
I am off to see Southeast Florida!  (Gators and Iguanas included)!
Lots of love Jacqui