A Note From Pastor Jacqui, 09/14/22

Hi New Horizon Family,

On September 13th, New Horizon Celebrated 41 years of being a Church. I have loved listening to this community’s stories, which resonate deeply with living a Gospel message of hope, love, faithfulness, and courage. In the Scriptures the number ‘40’ is mentioned 146 times, it is symbolic of God forming, gathering and establishing a community to pass a legacy of faith to the next generation. Each week we see the evidence of generational faith passed on at New Horizon. What a privilege it is for me to serve this community currently.

I believe local Churches become the hope of the World as the people gather from one generation to the next serving each other in love as we seek to be transformed Disciples of Jesus.  As is our custom, at New Horizon, we honour a season of Stewardship in the Fall each year. This October our Stewardship will be called ‘This is Who We Are”, a time of honoring generational generosity as we celebrate the time, talents and treasure that people bring to New Horizon.

On October 1st at 8 am we will launch our stewardship campaign beginning just before the first truck of Pumpkins arrive, with a Church wide DYNAMITE PRAYER JOURNEY a 28-Day Prayer Journey. Dynamite Prayer is a daily prayer guide that will show us how in our personal lives and Church community to begin a practice of “breakthrough prayer,” a way of praying where we ask God to open new doors and reveal new possibilities, fueled by the Spirit’s power. This 28-day adventure will take you from feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and uninspired to curious and expectant as you surrender your own preferences and ideas and courageously follow the miracles God brings into your life. Our Sunday focus will draw from the following themes What does it mean to be Community and live in places of deep solidarity and Connection. How we are a place of Compassion and Care and how we Celebrate all that God has called together to be Church. There will be opportunities to tell our stories and share our dreams and visions for the next generation at New Horizon.

We want to make sure that everyone is able to join us with the dynamite Prayer Journey. The book Dynamite Prayer by Roasario Picardo and Sue Nilson Kibbey is available on Amazon, Walmart, Barnes & Noble etc. We can bulk order through the Church and would want to get the numbers right. Please contact Ann annm@newhorizonumc.com by next Wednesday so we can order you a copy. 

We look forward to this Journey. A time to celebrate and discover where the Spirit of God is leading us in our personal lives and Church.

PS Thanks for all the Football Tips! I know now that we don’t play matches but Games! 🙂