A Note From Pastor Jacqui, 08/31/22

Hi New Horizon Family,

This week I saw a wonderful quote. People know I love…(fill in the dots)!

Celebrating my Birthday was an easy fill for me when I thought about this quote, when people see me they know I love family.

Having grown up as the eldest sister of three in a family whose Grandparents were immigrants, our nuclear family spent an enormous amount of time together. Cousins felt like siblings and aunts and uncles like extended parents.

In Africa, there is a concept called UBUNTU, an idiom that says “I am because I belong”. Belonging to a family, being in a family and having my own family has taught me that deep places of connection are good for the heart, mind and soul. Belonging matters in life.

In the Church, we discover a new kind of family, the Children of God- belonging to each other. We are God’s family together and we belong together. Part of what we are called to do is to support and build families. We know that families are so different today and being in Church together calls us to find ways that heal and support all expressions of family.

I know that families can be the biggest blessing and at times the place that shatters us, but we all have an idea of what makes for a good and healthy family. My prayer for you today is first that you sense you matter and belong as part of New Horizon. Secondly that we are a Church that builds up families. Family matters and it matters to God. Let us find ways to celebrate our families this week and celebrate as God’s family at New Horizon.

Thank you for the wonderful cards and wishes for my Birthday. It made me feel part of this family.

   With love Jacqui