A Note From Pastor Jacqui, 08/3/22

Dear New Horizon family,

I love August because where I grew up August was the season when finally, the very last part of winter began to vanish and in August after a cold and dreary winter the signs of spring would unfold, our jerseys would come off, and there was such excitement for the hope of spring. Birds would be singing, the days getting longer and finally blossoms. Winter was over. I know that’s not what it’s like here in the Northern hemisphere, August is still hot (I have heard it’s the hottest month) and August is a time where everybody gets back to school, the last moments of summer and holidays find us in this special month.

Yet despite the month being the same the seasons are quite different, and I have discovered in the Southern hemisphere and the Northern hemisphere August in both places is a time for hope and new beginnings, the start of new terms and the ending of a season. God in every season of our lives offers us sure grounds for hope.

At Church in the next few weeks, we will be reading from Hebrews 11, a chapter of faith and hope lived from one generation to the next. Our faith is to be sure of the things we hope for and certain of the things we do not see.

What are you hoping for in your life, where do you need faith that brings deep assurance to your soul and to your life?  We are reminded our faith is built on decades and decades and generations and generations of faith, ours, and others and perhaps when we struggle with our own faith and hope we need to be reminded we are neve alone. I pray that in the busy weeks that lie ahead you will be surprised by your faith and overjoyed by your hope and will discover the faith and hope of others brings you comfort and strength.

We look forward to Communion and Membership acceptance on Sunday and a very special service for our families and those getting ready for back to school on the 14th of August.

Bless you and your family with faith and hope Jacqui