A Note From Jacqui, 07/20/22

Dear New Horizon Family
Each week is a new adventure and a new discovery for me. I was having lunch at the parsonage on Monday afternoon, when suddenly I spotted two enormous Iguanas. I wish I could say I was excited about these visitors, but I was not, when I went out to “ask them to leave” (details not a pretty sight), they just stayed, frozen in a strange pose.

Got me thinking though, about how we respond to the many uninvited events of our lives. The ones that just show up and make us uneasy.  The ones that scare us. I know what I did when confronted by what seemed an enormous, scary (and harmless) creature, I took a photograph and immediately summoned my family on the phone, who by the way were in South Africa, the UK and Georgia neither of whom had any experience of Iguana’s. Together we solved how to deal with the Iguana. Later that day I shared my experience with the staff and congregation members at Church, now I have many solutions to my Iguana siteing.

This whole event reminds me that no matter what we face in life, it’s always comforting to share with family and friends. When life is unpredictable, leaning into the wisdom and love of a community of Faith gives us courage to face the future. It is my ongoing prayer that we remain a community for one another of love and support, especially in uncertain times.

Today we remember those of our community facing grief, physical pain and emotional distress. May you know deeply that all things are possible in and through God. That brings me to prayer. In all things God calls us to prayer, I look forward to seeing you in the Sanctuary and online on Sunday as we study together the prayer that Jesus taught us his disciples, Our Father!

Blessings Jacqui