A Note From Jacqui, 07/13/22

Dear New Horizon Family
It is our second week together and  a joy to share with you as we get to know each other. Our Scripture readings for this week are a reminder that in every season God calls us. As we interpret 1 Corinthians 2:9, that no eye has seen, nor ear has heard nor do we know yet that which has entered the human heart as promises of all that God has prepared for those who love God,  then surely we can say by faith we are on a daily adventure of discovering the presence, plans and purpose of all that God has install for us as the family of New Horizon.
I hear story after story of the collective courage and sold out for the mission of a Christ centred loving family that this Community owns. I am excited about the future. 
We are facilitating ways of immersing ourselves into this new season. This past Tuesday Pastor Tim Smiley led the Staff team at New Horizon in an onboarding process, early in August we will have a similar workshop with the Leaders and later in August a Church wide meeting to gather together and share some of our dreams, hope and wisdom for our Church.
Through the Leadership team at New Horizon we will be setting dates for meetings to get to Know the New Minister, I especially look forward to these times as we share our stories together, please look out for these dates. 
Some personal news: our son Daniel celebrates his 26th Birthday on Saturday 16th July, and I want to honour the joy he has been as a son.
Have a blessed week, those who are travelling to vacation be safe and have a wonderful time of rest and fun with families and friends.
Remembering always those in pain and grief may you sense God’s loving presence this week.
See you Sunday.
With much love in Christ Jacqui