Summer Worship Schedule

During July and August, we will share in one combined worship service in person and live streamed at 10:00 am. We will begin passing our offering plate and using our red registration pads, so we get to know you. And we’ll wear name tags to help Pastor Jaqui with who we are. We will have […]

31st Annual Patriotic Music Festival

This year is the 31st of our Annual Patriotic Festival. We hope you’ll save the date and join us Sunday, June 26th, Our doors open at 6:00 pm with desserts, coffee and fellowship followed by a musical hour honoring our military.  We’re excited to welcome back our favorite storyteller Andy Russell, soloist, trio, sing along and […]

Coming Soon

Sunday, July 3 we will welcome Pastor Jacqui to the pulpit with a meet and greet bring-a-dish luncheon following our 10:00 am worship service. Details soon.

The Shepherd’s Vigil, 06/15/22

There are times when I feel overwhelmed by all of the things that are going wrong. I assume you feel the same way now and then. It always seems to happen that chaos swirls around me as everything goes wrong at once-the roof leaks, a friend needs help, a loved one is suffering with cancer, […]